Who is Miguel – A – Rodriguez?


I am a Spanish entrepreneur who loves management and accompaning people. I started working in my family business in 1997 and have more than 20 years of experience in the business world. I began from scratch, and step by step I was covering positions with more responsibilities until I became the manager of the company. Three years ago, I overtook a new business line related to real estate industry, and although I was raised with the company since I was a child. It was when I discovered the magic of creating something from zero.

I also realized that transforming experience -that was a turning point for me- worth sharing. So, I am currently combining my entrepreneurial activity with training, teaching Sales Management and Marketing in a Business and Marketing School.

In addition, I help other entrepreneurs to reach their goals, through personalized mentoring based on coaching and processes implementation.

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My personal side


I was born in Velez de Benaudalla 39 years ago -a little town in the coast of Granada-. Ten years ago I moved to the capital for work reasons, and since then I have been living here. I am married with a wonderful woman Tania and we have a beautiful daughter María.

One of my passions is music. In fact, when I was 18 I played in a rock band that did not work out, but it is a period that I will always remember. Currently I play the electric guitar in my room, it is still one of my favourite hobbies. I also enjoy a good book, especially management books. I study them.

My favourite meal is pizza, and I love spicy food. Saturday night, we have a whole ritual at home of “movie and pizzas”. Without doubt, the best moment of my week.

Si pudiera elegir a una persona con la que tener una conversación de negocio, eligiría a Steve Jobs. He leído su biografía, y me fascina su “pensamiento lateral” y la facilidad que tenía para ver más allá de lo prestablecido.

Mi frase favorita es una de Walt Disney que dice: “Pregúntate si lo que estás haciendo hoy, te acerca al lugar en el que quieres estar mañana”. Sin duda, para mi es una auténtica filosofía de vida.


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