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Hearin Mortgage Law

On the 17th of June the “new” mortgage law was enforced, with the main purpose of setting rules for enforcing the protection of people (not companies) and consumers of credit services that are guaranteed by a mortgage or any other type of guaranties over properties or...

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Let our creative people to flow

It is said that when we are children, all of us are born with an innate capacity for lateral or divergent thinking and when the years pass, we lose that for different reasons. In fact, in an experiment developed by NASA in 2011 with a group of North American children...

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Marketing helps winning the elections

  En primer lugar, me gustaría dejar claro que este artículo no va de política, sino de Marketing. Y si has "pinchado" en el enlace y has empezado a leerlo, coincidirás conmigo en el poder que tiene un buen cartel y una buena creatividad, para ayudarte a atraer a...

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Blockchain is not only cryptocurrencies

A few days ago, I attended an International Blockchain Congress that was organized here, in Granada, just in the city of Motril; of course, I could not miss it. Mainly I went because although I had already read about this matter and especially about cryptocurrencies...

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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution bringing?

According to World Bank, the technology revolution -in which we are fully immersed, although it is only the beginning-; is not only changing the way we work and our relations with the rest, but it is full of promises and also risks. Klaus Schwab -fundador del Foro...

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Regionalization as a therapy for globalization

A few days ago I had the opportunity to participate in a congress in Seville, and I attended a conference given by PhD. Jose María O´kean -Economics Professor-; who made a radiography of the current economic scenario and the different "wars" that we are seeing in an...

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What is expected from the industry in 2019

  After the heavy rain in the crisis period, we carry on with at least four years of evident signals of recovery in the real estate industry. Through numbers as revelatory as more than 500,000 houses sold in the past year. For this 2019 it is expected that those...

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Changes (backtracking) in the rental contracts

A few days ago, on December 14th “Real Decreto-ley 20/2018” was published in the BOE, which have introduced some changes in both “Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos” and “Ley de Propiedad Horizontal”. Mainly regarding to contracts length, guarantee or bond, etc. In...

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A piece of advice for the “threatening” moving

The process of house changing is one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences that we face in our life. After that comes the threatening moving. The action that makes us “buried” in boxes for weeks. Sure, with correct planning it depends whether these weeks will...

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Efficient constructions are not only a choice

Guy McPherson, the famous American scientist said: «If you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money». I think this quote summarise very well what is currently happening in our society; particularly in...

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